There are clear signs that you may need to change your job. Perhaps you’re embarrassed to talk about your job, you have low commitment to the company or you’re just not that excited by the role anymore.

While everyone goes through highs and lows, here are seven signs that show you should think twice about your current role.

Your job is making you sick

Stressed, exhausted or constantly fighting for your health? Your work might be to blame. Long hours, constant deadlines and arguments in the workplace can leave you physically or mentally ill. If your work is like this most of the time, it’s probably time for a change.

You’re trapped in a “career dead-end”

If there is no career path for your position and you’re not gaining skills, you could be trapped in a “career dead-end”. Find a role that has a clear career path or find an employer that will provide you with skills so that you can advance.

The company is undervaluing you

Perhaps your contributions to success are ignored, perhaps you’re not being paid what you’re worth or maybe your talents are going unused. These are all signs that your employer is not valuing what you have to offer.

You just don’t fit

Feeling like an outsider is difficult and prevents you from working to your potential. Sometimes you can’t get along with your coworkers, or the company culture is not compatible with your values. This makes it impossible to really perform to the best of your abilities.

The boss

Poor management is a leading reason that people leave their job. No one is perfect, but your boss should be able to lead, communicate, delegate and give performance feedback. Building and keeping a strong relationship with your boss is really important.

It’s just a paycheck

Sometimes the only redeeming quality of a job is the fact that you’re getting paid. It’s a difficult situation when you no longer believe in the company, its products or your team.

You’re already on the way out

Daydreaming about leaving your job is a sure sign that its time to think seriously about a change. Take the time to really think about your natural capabilities and what you want to do.