It’s easy to improve your CV! We’ve got five simple tips to increase the chances of success for your next job application with an international company.

1. Keep It Relevant

Remove all the irrelevant information that a standard application for the public sector would want. For example, remove the national slogan “Independence Freedom Happiness”, your family’s information and history, and your body weight and height. None of that is necessary to work with an international company, particularly if it’s a tech startup.

2. Keep It Short

A good CV should be 2-3 pages. Full sentences really aren’t necessary. Just communicate the essential information. Also, you don’t need to list every responsibility and achievement you’ve ever held. Focus on the job experience from each role that can be directly applied to the opportunity you are applying for.

3. Provide Your Contact Details, And More

We see CVs that forget to include contact information, or even worse, the CV will include an email that they clearly held since they were a teenager. You shouldn’t apply for a new job from your existing employer’s account either! Simply use an independent and professional email. Gmail is a good free option.

Also, many tech roles want to see proof of your capability or your active role in a network. If you have an online portfolio or write a blog relevant to your work, you should definitely include it too. Khang Dinh, cofounder at RAYDAR, has a great blog here.

4. Cover Letters

A cover letter does not need to be long, but gives you final opportunity to show your soft skills, prove you’ve researched the company and tell the (short) story of your career. Cover letters are not always necessary, but if you really want the job, you should think about writing one.

5. Always Follow Up

Perceptions are very important. Tech jobs will receive many applicants and it’s important to stand out. Make sure your application has been received and try to make an impression that is friendly and professional.

Need More Help To Improve Your CV?

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